Best Sports Addons for Kodi | Top 10 Kodi Addons for Live Sports Matches

As there are various matches exclusive from premium channels, live streaming sports are very common today.  Now, there are a lot of options for watching sports, as many developers proceed to develop and promote new Kodi Addons to watch live sports.

Best Sports Addons for Kodi

kodi live sports addons

Today, there add ons to watch your favourite Sports TV Channels or Streaming by the event. Here we introduce the 10 best sports addons for Kodi. You can select your favourite by trying them. On these listed addons you can watch many kinds of sports such as football, NFL, NHL, UFC, Boxing, NBA, and so on.

To watch movies, TV series or TV channels it is recommended to use a VPN. A VPN can help you to l unlock geo-blocked content, unblock sources and keep you anonymous online. It will not slow down your internet connection and is safe to use IPVanish VPN. Get more kodi addons here.

10 Best Sports Addons for Kodi 2017

1. Live Mix

Live Mix has come back, and now you can access its version 2. It includes great sports channels and international sports events streams.

2. Zem TV

Zem TV is specially developed to watch Pakistani and Indian TV.  However, now it has got lots of international TV channels and sports channels.

3. Filmon.TV (Legal Content)

It is one of the most reliable addons to watch live TV. The Filmon.TV streams are legal, and you can find your favourite sports channel in it.

4. Cast a way

Cast a way is based on the popular Sports Devil add-on. It is easier to use and is frequently renewed.  In this kodi add-on, you can find any kind of sports,

5. Halow Live TV

It is one of the add-ons with a great number of fans. Many people thank them for high-quality streams on match days. And you should really give it a try. This add-on is excellent for football, Boxing, UFC and much more.

6. DC Sports

This is one of the very latest add-ons, but they are doing a great and are presenting 720p HD quality streams.

7. Adrian Sports

Adrian Sports provide 51 sports channels with excellent visual quality.

8. Phoenix

Phoenix is a great add-on which is used for pretty much anything and even has the sports section.

9. IsraeLive

IsraelLive is cool add-on where it provides plenty of streams for the people all over the world. And its name does not have any connection with what it streams.

10. Freeview-Addon (third-party addon with legal streams)

It is a third party add-on with legal streams. And so it is really safe to use. Watching UK TV through this add-on is awesome. This add-on has all the UK free channels and also includes BT Sports. You will require a VPN to disguise your IP address to an UK IP address if you are outside UK.

How to Install Kodi Live Sports Addons

With “Add-on Installer, you can easily install these add-ons. If you have any questions please check our frequently asked question section.


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